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Stone/plastic marble plate equipment

The stone-plastic imitation marble plate developed by Qingdao Aorui Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is also called imitation stone plate equipment. It is a new type of high-quality, high-tech R&D new ground material. The use of refined marble powder as the main raw material constitutes a high-density, high-fiber network. The solid base of the structure is coated with a special polymer PVC resin. Product lines vivid and beautiful appearance, super wear-resistant, bright and non-slip surface, and environmental protection non-toxic, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, but also anti-skid, waterproof, fire and so on. There are two kinds of homogenous core and composite type structures. The composite stone plastic floor has a multi-layered structure and the surface is made of UV treatment, color layer, stone plastic layer and base layer. The wear resistance, stain resistance and dimensional stability are all better than those of the same stone cored plastic board. And the variety of colors, rich, is the current market and decoration more like the plate.
Product Usage:

The products are mainly used as high-quality fireproof materials for light partitions of various buildings. Such as: office buildings, commercial buildings, passenger stations, railway stations, airports, hotels, research institutes, schools, hospitals, cinemas, stadiums and other internal partitions and ceiling decoration, can also be used for different types of decorative panels. In addition to the partitions and ceilings that are widely used in various types of buildings, it can also be used for: construction sandwich, active partitions, sound-absorbing structures, sound insulation structures, thermal insulation structures, signage, fire separation areas, fence spacing, Fire-resistant ducts, fire doors, shops, partitions, sidings, sundries, billboards, etc. The waterproof and moisture resistance of the product determines that it is an ideal wall material for high humidity areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

★ high surface smoothness: mirror highlight effect is obvious.
★ full film: full of attractive colors.
★ Scratch resistance: The higher the hardness, the brighter and more polished, and the room temperature curing will not be deformed for a long time.
★ acid and alkali corrosion resistance: to resist the corrosion of various acid-base disinfectant.
★ Do not fade: with better physical and chemical properties, long-term color, and to resolve the phenomenon of color.
★Environmental health: KTV decorative panels do not contain volatile substances such as benzene, and they are cured by ultraviolet light to form a dense cured film, which reduces the release of substrate gases.
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PVC imitation marble decorative plate equipment process flow:
High cold mixer, automatic feeder, conical twin-screw extruder, plate head, three-roller calender, cooling bracket, tractor, cutting machine, peritoneal device, UV transfer and other components.

Model SJSZ-80/156
Plate width 1220 (mm) Plate thickness 2-6 (mm)
Extrusion capacity 400 (kg/h) Production speed 0.9 (m/min)
Can produce sheet type PVC board
Can produce single-layer boards
PVC imitation marble decorative plate production line equipment mainly by;
1. SJSZ-80 twin screw extruder.
2. Extrusion mould
3. Three-roller calender
4. Thermostat
5. Edge trimming device
6. Cooling bracket
7. Traction machine
8. Shears
9. Rack
10. Peritoneal device
Consisting of the above and parts.
The screw adopts special mixing function and high plasticizing ability design.
The coat hanger die adopts a special double throttle design to make the thickness adjustment of the plate more accurate.
Temperature control ± 1C can control the plasticization process and plate thickness, flatness.
The three-roll calender adopts horizontal, vertical or 45-degree tilt and can be lifted freely.
Thickness control of the plate adopts screw adjustment and bi-directional adjustment of the pressure roller to control the thickness of the plate.
The independently controlled roller temperature control system can control the pressure roller wheel temperature to make the plate uniform in thickness. Slicer, the length and quantity of sheet are precise.
Rotary encoder counters are available to set the product length.
Plate width: 400-1220mm
Plate thickness: 2-6mm
Extrusion volume: 200-600kg/h
Production line speed: 2-8m/min

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