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Plastic Pipe Extrusion machine
The Huge Calibre Hollowness Wall Winding Pipe Production Line
Function and characteristics:
Based on absorbing the freshest technique of home and abroad, New Dacheng Plastic Machinery Company developed Huge Calibre HDPE Burying Earth Winding Pipe Production Line and FR-PP Winding Pipe Production Line. It can produce high grade drainage pipeline of diameter from ?200 to ? 2000 . The pipe more and more becomes the leading product of the town drains away water and shall substitute gradually steel tube, cement and else plastic material pipe.
That production line contain profile tube extruder, melting connection extruder, winding forming machine, cutting machine, and related auxiliary device, having great production capacity, high efficiency, stable operating, high pipe circle rigidity, little unit meter weight, fine creep deformation resistant performance, convenience connection and economic installation. The tube has below types: Double wall ripple winding tube, dual wall winding tube, three-wall winding tube etc.
All Extruders adopt the special designed high efficiency single screw extruder, special structural screw and barrel, the yield is high, consume little energy, good plasticization, reasonable forming tool structure, two machines unites to provide material and revolving forming, choice conceiving and special design. Advanced PLC computer control system can be chosen to ensure convenient, stable and dependable operation.
Adopting two steps type decompression screw, with specially promoting mixing and plasticization component, high twist torque and high temperature control accuracy. Adopting composite die, two extruders unite to provide material, helix turning forming, high efficiency compound technology ensures high product quality

Item/Unit model Produced pipe specification ∮mm Extruder General installed capacity of assembly line KW burthen ratio50% yield M/year Outline dimension Total assembly line length length *width*highM
model length diameter ratio Power of main motorKW Heating powerKW
SKRG600 ∮200-∮600 SJ90 30:1 75 43 230 75000 10*21*2.6
SJ65 30:1 45 25
SKRG1200 ∮700-∮1200 SJ120 30:1 140 60 400 14400 10*23*2.7
SJ90 30:1 75 43
SKRG2200 ∮1300-∮2200 SJ150 30:1 160 95 520 8000 10*25*2.8
SJ120 30:1 140 60