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Plastic Pipe Extrusion machine
PVC Pipe Extrusion machine
PVC Pipe Extrusion machine
Products Introduction:
The production line is mainly used in the production of PVC pipe, which is widely applicable to construction water pipes, drainage pipes. The production line is composed of conical twin extrusion machines, vacuum shaped desk, traction, cutting machine, rotary rack and so on.
PVC pipe production line adopts imported AC inverter device, vacuum pump and traction motor. Tractions have two-claw, three-claw, four-claw, six-claw and other types. The cutting machines adopt saw blades and planetary forms with metering and incrassation device. The unit is reliable and efficient.
Main Technical Parameters:
Item/Model Specification PVCG1 PVCG2 PVCG3 PVCG4 PVCG5
Tube Production Specifications (mm)( Ф) φ20-φ50 φ60-φ90 φ110-φ160 φ200-φ315 φ400-φ630
Production Line Speed (m/min) 2-10 0.3-4 0.2-2 0.2-1.5 0.5-1
Installed Power (kw) 55 75 100 150 150
The Length of General Production Line (mm) 18 23 23 35 38