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Plastic Pipe Extrusion machine
PE pipe extrusion machine
The extrusion machine is use to produce many pipe, like PPR cold water and hot water pipe, single and double pipe, PE/PP/PE-RT/PEX pipe, silicon core pipe etc. Using single extruder to produce concolorous pipe or many extruder to co-extruding many layer of different color.
Main features: Adopt high-efficiency, special screw to ensure the stable quality of high extrusion output. Lattice backet die achieve low melting pressure and plasticizing temperature to get large processing range. Tractor caterpillar is durable, strong abrasion resistance, stable high speed of traction power. Dust free cutting machine with low noise and high precision make the pipe cutting edge smooth and flat.
Technical Parameter:
Model PipeDiameter (mm) Extruder Model ScrewSpeed (r/min) Production Speed (m/min) Output (kg/h) Power (kw)
SSG-32PR Ø16-32 SSJ-45 40-100 4-10 100 50
SSG-63PR Ø16-63 SSJ-65 40-100 4-10 150 65
SSG-63PR Ø16-63 SSJ-65 40-100 4-10 150 100
SSG-160PR Ø75-160 SSJ-90 30-90 2-8 200 150