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Plastic Plate/Sheet Extrusion machine
PVC wave plate and trapezia-shaped plate production line
The unit is comprised by a two conical screws extruder SJSZ-65*22 and corresponding wave plate forming machine, tractor and cutting machine, can be used for continuous produce structural season resistance UPVC color block igniting plastic cement wave plate, if replacing the relevant components, the line can produce the chequer plank, possess steady molding performance, tight structure, high automation degree and convenient operation. It is the ideal manufacture device of manufacture companies
The main technique parameter:
The model of main machine SJSZ-65*22
The die shape: coat hanger style flat plate die L=1000mm
The forming unit:
The great wave: R=15h=16.5
The little wave: R=9h=8 wave distance 36mm
The cooling die dimensions: 1000mm 540mm
The cooling means: Water-cooling
Drawing velocity: 0.5-5mm/min
Drawing roller length: 1000mm
Drawing power: 2.2KW velocity is shifted by frequency conversion )
Cutting means: shear style ( pneumatic )
Cutting follow distance: 500mm
Work pressure on gas route: 0.4-0.6Mpa