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Plastic Plate/Sheet Extrusion machine
PET Sheet Production Line
PET sheet production line Description
PET, PETG, CPET single-layer and multi-layer co-extrusion sheet production line is currently the most technologically advanced and most mature technology, equipment, the most stable one sheet production line, compared with the similar device, integrated with high efficiency over 30% This production line also can be used to produce PS, PP, PE and other sheet products; PET sheet with excellent processability, transparency, barrier and non-toxic tasteless and pollution-free, easy recovery and so on. Particularly in food packaging is ideal to replace the PVC material, the effective width of the largest product 2200mm.
Unit design provides superior performance, high degree of automation, even plastics, extrusion volume stability, high output, precise calendar roll with precision adjustment mechanism, to ensure the film, sheet shape is accurate; cut with edge, length cutting device.
Required single screw or twin-screw alternative technologies;
Films can be used 100% recycled bottle material;
Optional co-extrusion technology, PET, PETG, etc.;
Metering pumps to ensure continuous and stable products;
Dual Column Double filter with exhaust and cleaning;
Online silicone oil, in addition to static and other devices to choose from;
Tension control, and rolling with a reserve function;
Production line is equipped with automatic vacuum feeder, automatic constant temperature drying machine;
Large 15-inch color touch screen interface, easy operation
Full range of computer control, production line using BECKHOFF industrial computer bus control system, WINDOWS XP2 operating system, high degree of automation, with a sound alarm system.
2.Single-layer PET sheet production line parameters
Line model Extruder model Main motor power Sheet width Sheet thickness Line Speed Maximum yield
SSP-PET120 SJ120×30 132kw 500-1200mm 0.15-2mm 5-25m/min 450kg/h
SSP-PET150 SJ150×30 185kw 800-2200mm 0.15-2mm 5-18m/min 650kg/h
3.Multi-layer PET sheet production line parameters
Line model Extruder model Main motor power Sheet width Sheet thickness Line Speed Maximum yield
SSP-PETG120 SJ120,SJ65 132kw,45kw 500-1200mm 0.20-2mm 5-25m/min 550kg/h
SSP-PETG150 SJ150,SJ90 185kw,75kw 800-2200mm 0.25-2mm 5-20m/min 780kg/h