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WPC machine
Wood Plastic(Foamed) Board /Door Board Extrusion Line
Wood Plastic(Foamed) Board /Door Board Extrusion Line
WPC wide board extrusion line is mainly used in extrusion of overall door board,building template and other WPC board.our company adopts original wood-plastic craft and formula.According to the crosssection and different usage,we design the different specific gravity of product.Choose the extruder with wood-plastic special doule screw of different specification and extruder with wood-plastic single screw.equipped with corresponding vacuum calibration table,haul-off machine,landscape orientation cutting machine,turnover platform and other auxiliary devices.The line could produce wpc board of different specification by changing different moulds.Our company adopts unique technique in haul-off machine with the characteristics of stable performance,good reliability and large traction force.Vacuum calibration uses the special enlarged swirly cooling system facilitating calibration to meet the needs of productive property of wide wpc board.Landscape orientation cutting device works with haul-off machine synchornously.The device could make sizing cutting automatically and is equipped with dust recovery device with reasonalbe design and stable performance.
Main Technical Specification:
Model SSMB600 SSMB800 SSMB1000 SS1250
 Max. Width of Product (mm) 600 800 1000 1250
Extruder Model SJSZ-80/156 SJSZ-80/156 SJSZ-80/156 SJSZ-80/156
Max. Extrusion Capacity (kg/h) 280 280 450 500
Extruder Power 55 55 110 132
 Cooling Water Consumption(m3/h) 12 13 15 18
Compressed Air Consumption (m3/h) 0.5 0.6 0.8 1